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Are you stuck on the start and stop loop of DIETING?

coaching nutrition onlinecoach Jan 10, 2021
"How many calories should I be eating for weight loss? I am so strict on my diet but I just can't seem to stick to it for long and I'm not losing weight."
My response... "Enough that you don't keep over feeding and you can maintain it long term."
The #1 issue I hear from women on 'diets' is that they find themselves cracking every few days and binge eating or 'eating over their dietary allotted amount'.
Ya know, like the old dieting mindset that the 'optimal calorie range for fat loss is 1200 calories per day' (insert eye roll, where did this magic number come from anyhow???)
Let’s do some reality math on the “keeping the calories low but I can’t keep up daily” mentality.
For months you were consuming around 1800 calories per day but you were finding yourself having bites, licks, and tastes.
Along with eye balling your portions and some untracked meals.
Probably averaging about 2000 calories per day.
So, being all or nothing...
You set up your caloric deficit at 1400 per day.
Which you can not maintain for longer than two days before you crack.. and binge on 5000 calories worth of food.
The next day you feel awful physically and mentally but you don’t fully get back on track so it ends up being your normal 2000 calorie-ish day which you beat yourself up over.
Then you get back on track at 1400 calories for TWO more days and then you say screw it on another five thousand calories because you feel “BAD”.
It might look something like this:
Monday -1400 calories
Tuesday- 1400 calories
Wednesday- 5000 calories (Binge)
Thursday-2000 calories (can't get motivated to be back on track entirely)
Friday- 1400 calories
Saturday-1400 calories
Sunday-5000 calories (Binge)
In the end because of this behaviour you have averaged 2500 calories (approx.) per day.
Not only that you’re mentally tapped out, feeling guilty, and the scale isn’t dropping.
Your set deficit of 1400 calories has actually caused you to over consume about 3500 calories per week which over time may result in weight gain.
Is this making any sense?
Your behaviour dictates your outcome.
It’s not the 1400 calories it’s the story behind it that is the “problem”.
In reality you could probably eat 1600 calories per day and see results but you’re over shooting with your behaviour.
As you enter this New Year with your NEW GOALS take this into account and take steps that make logical sense.
For the caloric deficit all this woman had to do was cut out her BLT's (bites, licks, and tastes), move a bit more, and ensure that she is tracking her food every meal.
That alone would have created a 'deficit'.
Moral of the story...
The caloric intake ‘that works’ is the one that you can STICK TO!
Anything else is mental masturbation.
Still stuck?
Contact us to discuss nutrition coaching so that we can work together on beating this all or nothing mindset, find balance in your fitness lifestyle, and get you towards your goals.
Remember, if you can't maintain it long term, you won't maintain it for LIFE.